My 2016 Goals – Q1 Update

April 5, 2016 The Fire Guy 2 comments

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It’s really hard to believe we are already to April this year. Time has flown and a lot has happened in the last 2 weeks months (ha – yes, I’m tired). We went to Hawaii, I’ve survived mid-terms for another semester, and I am finishing up the transition of an internal job change. The increased responsibilites will keep me on my toes and probably cause me to dial back a bit on some of these other priorities, but it’s a good career growth opportunity.

Now that I’m through a quarter of the year, let’s see how I’m doing on my original set of 2016 goals.

Become a Morning Person

Still a work-in-progress because lately I have found late nights to be really productive time for me, especially with school. I would say I still get graded an “I” for incomplete on this one. Still a lot of work to do here.

Run 365 366 Miles this Year

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Funny story, we actually found two mornings to run when we were in Maui in February. But it took me almost 3 weeks to have a good run after we came back – guess the runs just aren’t as scenic over here in Texas!

Run 2 10Ks & Run my first half-marathon

Ran a 10K at the end of March to gear up for an upcoming half-marathon. I shattered my personal best for a 6.2 mile run in 49:41 (8-minute flat pace!). It always helps when others are around to help keep a good pace because as you can see I am usually quite a bit slower than 8 minutes. In April, I am focusing on my half-marathon prep, which is actually later this month. So I fully expect slower times – probably in the 9:30 ish range. But I need to work the distance big time – so 55-60 miles is a really good goal for the month of April.

50 First Dates

Our trip to Hawaii, of course, was a great romantic getaway. Recently we have done some small trips with friends and family, but I definitely feel like I need to make this more of a priority in the next month or so. Lately, between the craziness of school and the busyness of a job transition its been tough. Things should start to settle down starting in mid-April and we need to find some great date ideas.

Make at least $7,500 profit from side hustle-y things

This goal has definitely fallen off the tracks a bit. Just not enough waking hours in the day (*cough* doesn’t help when I sleep in *cough). eBay and Amazon have just been small stuff because I haven’t found the time to list very much lately. As spring semester starts to slow down, I need to fix this. And garage sale season is gearing up to be in full swing – I need to get out there and buy up all the good stuff!

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Read at least 12 Books (yes, from start – finish)

Fail. Zero Books Completed.

Increase Net Worth by 35% (About $65K)

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Financial market wise – February & March were much more generous to us than January. Nothing out of the ordinary on my side really. I did take a slight increase to primary residence because the comps have been trending upwards and I wanted to keep my holding value in line (still pretty conservative). Up and to the right, exactly what I like to see!

How are your 2016 goals doing?


2 Comments on “My 2016 Goals – Q1 Update

  1. That’s a lot of great progress so far!! Keep it up.

    If you can tolerate audiobooks, you can try teaming up audiobooks with distance runs. I took this approach when I was training for my first half-marathon a few years ago and it worked well. If you’re always running in a group, then the idea doesn’t work all that well.

    From reading your post it looks like the race is at the end of April, so let me know how it went!

    1. Thanks Matt, great idea! I actually have a few audiobooks that I want to listen to, so I may give that a try. I finished my first half-marathon this past weekend in just over 2 hours so no complaints for the 1st time!

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