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Why am I wasting so much time? …and what I’m doing to fix it.


I’m sorry to say but the focus of this article is not some-type of bs self-help article list to help you become more productive. I’m gonna be a little selfish on this one – it’s all about me and maybe some of it applies to you, as well.

I am the king of wasting time. I’ve always been jealous of my wife because she is such a great planner and very task oriented. When she makes a list, she usually gets all, or at least almost all of the items done. I on the other hand have a long list of wasting-time methods, which include, but are not limited to:

  • wasting hours on YouTube
  • mindless researching on eBay, without a specific goal or task in mind
  • House of Cards
  • Orange Is The New Black
  • Bloodline
  • Narcos
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
  • Okay fine… every single Netflix Original Series.
  • Watching sports games of teams I don’t even care about, mindlessly, of course.
  • Fantasy football
  • Fantasy basketball
  • Fantasy baseball
  • HGTV? (why is this on the list???)
  • Checking facebook like something important actually happened.
  • Reading TOO MANY personal finance blogs
  • Reading TOO MANY posts on bogleheads (best personal finance forum on the interwebs – b t dubs … you’re welcome)

Instead I should be more focused on things like self improvement & reflection, really being in the moment with friends & family, and focusing on meaningful tasks & projects in my daily life. It’s almost embarrasing how many hours in a week I currently waste because of mindless internet surfing and the like, so it’s time to work on my time management. Reading GYFG’s post on his typical day last month really made me stop & reflect on my own current daily schedule.

I recently took a training class at work called “5 Choices to Extraordinary Productity.” Yes, it was as cheezy as it sounds. But I’m not saying it was a waste of time. One of the biggest things I got out of the class was that we all have so much stuff going on and we really need to focus on the big rocks. In other words, sometimes it’s important to ignore all the garbage and make sure you get the big shit done. Actually that makes me remember that I forgot to go to the dry cleaners tonight, so terrible example. Hopefully you get the point – planning your week is vital and making sure you finish the big, important tasks on time is obviously very important. If you forget to go to the dry cleaners tonight, maybe that’s okay that you spent some time just hanging out with the dogs & writing.

The whole planning thing is nice in practice, but it’s kind of like a new years resolution for me. I’m good about it for a few weeks, but then fall off a cliff. A deep, steep cliff. So, instead of my day looking something like this currently:

  1. 7:30 AM: wake-up
  2. 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM: work
  3. 5:30 PM – later: do stuff

My new goal is for the average day to look something like this:

  1. 7:00 AM: wake-up
  2. 7:15 AM: work out / walk dogs & shower
  3. 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM: work
  4. 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM: eat & chill time
  5. 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM: school work / ebay / write
  6. 9:00 PM – 10:30 PM: wind down & in-bed by 10:30

Probably like many others, I am a creature of habit. My habits of habitually wasting time, need to be broken. I’m writing this down to have more of a chance of holding myself accountable, and you should too.

So here are some high level goals:

  • average 4 work outs a week
  • average a blog post every 5 days
  • average $60/day of new product posted on eBay store
  • enjoy life with wife & dogs
  • maintain school work
  • read an interesting book (the whole thing, not just the cover…)

We’ll check back in a month from now to see how I’m doing. What are you doing to improve your life? If you can’t answer that question, pick at least one thing. You can handle improving one thing.

“In this world you’re either growing or you’re dying so get in motion and grow.” – Lou Holtz

Who Is The Fire Guy?

Hi All,

Welcome to The Fire Guy. This website isn’t about firefighters or how to get fired from your job. Instead, FIRE stands for Financial Indepedence & Early Retirement. You may be thinking – dude, you are 26, what gives you the right to write about personal finance, let  alone think about it. First of all, it’s a FREE country – so HA! But seriously, if I had the normal workerbee mindset, I would agree with you. Instead, my past experiences have shaped me into the person I am today and financial indepedence is almost always on the forefront of my mind these days.

Just a little bit about me, I am a married mid 20’s suburbanite that works in corporate finance and I am just a good old fashionshed nerd when it comes to numbers. I live in a mix of YOLO moments and mowing the lawn & other adult like tasks. I lived a seemingly normal childhood with great parents and a great family and for that, I feel truly blessed. I grew up with normal entrepreneurial aspirations – solid for a child, but nothing like Warren Buffet’s pinball machine empire. Snow comes, lemonade stands, and eventually eBay. The whole eBay story will have to wait for another day, but long story short, I’ve sold a lot of shit on eBay in my day.

I went to a state university, had great times with great friends, and came out with a decent entry level job. Health Insurance and a 401K that was on its way to vesting – WOW, was I a baller or WHAT!? One thing that I’ve realized is that Corporate America is what you make of it – you can definitely go to work and be miserable everyday and you can also go to work and be that really annoying guy that just smiles 24/7. I’ve seen both. I’d like to think I’m somewhere in the middle. Another big thing that I’ve realized is that all of life is what you make of it and I would much rather be working because I want to, as opposed to being required to work to pay bills. This leads me to the idea of financial independence. It’s the big safety net that is the biggest hammock in the world. Don’t mistake and think that I will become any less motivated or driven when financially indepedent. But there is a certain feeling of freedom associated with being able to do what you want exactly when you want it. The old folks tell me I should delay gratification. Trips with my beautiful wife around the country and the world help me remember this goal and why I want to get there.

Welcome to the site, hopefully you stick around and we can learn something from each other over the coming months and years. Nice to meet you internets – it should be a fun ride!

-Your Fire Guy